AgileAssets is the leading global provider of integrated infrastructure asset management software solutions. Our proven technologies optimize the decision making process, which enables our clients to more effectively and efficiently manage and maintain their infrastructure assets including—roads, bridges, facilities, fleets, equipment, telecom, traffic signals, traffic signs and more.

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The AgileAssets Software Platform

A comprehensive, integrated solution that supports the complete life cycle management of your infrastructure assets.

Featuring the market’s broadest selection of modules and most advanced technologies to meet your toughest management requirements—while delivering the highest possible ROI on your infrastructure investments.

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AgileAssets Platform

AgileAssets Smarter AnalyticsMake Better, Data-Driven Decisions

AgileAssets smarter analytics supports multi-period and multi-constraint analysis for specific assets as well as executive-level analysis and optimization of funding allocations across programs and asset types.

Make better, data-driven, short and long-term planning decisions and optimize your asset management strategy, simply and accessibly.

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Agency Stakeholder Benefits

AgileAssets software delivers benefits to stakeholders at every level of agency organizational structures, from executives and managers to personnel in the field.

Available integration with existing software systems including finance, human resources, purchasing, ERP and GIS make AgileAssets an ideal solution for those agencies focused on implementing or enhancing the efficiency of their business processes.


AgileAssets By The Numbers


Road lane miles are managed with AgileAssets software


Vehicles and pieces of equipment are managed with AgileAssets software


Bridges are managed with AgileAssets software


People are touched by AgileAssets software

Customer Success Stories

AgileAssets has helped agencies throughout the world achieve outstanding improvements to their infrastructure asset management programs, including greater efficiencies, cost reductions, and increased ROI.

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North Carolina Department of Transportation

North Carolina DOT Optimizes Budgets and Integrates Asset Management Practices with AgileAssets’ Software Solutions



Idaho Transportation Department

Idaho Transportation Department Improves Efficiency, Productivity and Decision Making With AgileAssets’ TAMS Solution



Transports Quebéc Canada

Québec Ministry of Transport Reduces Costs and Improves Efficiency with AgileAssets’ Browser-Based Pavement Management System



Pinellas County

Pinellas County Saves $12M Through Greater System Flexibility, Organizational Efficiency and Higher Productivity—Enabled by AgileAssets Software


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