AgileAssets Platform Version 7

Version 7 Raises the Bar on Productivity, Accessibility and Extensibility with Over 73 New Enhancements Including a Redesigned UI, Mobile Browsing Compatibility, Enhanced Analytics and New API

Version 7 of the AgileAssets® platform represents a major upgrade to the entire system with over 73 enhancements that deliver new levels of productivity, accessibility and extensibility. Version 7 enables our clients to more effectively manage their infrastructure assets and funding allocations to achieve the highest possible ROI.

Version 7 features a new, responsive user interface (UI) that has been completely rethought and redesigned to be highly intuitive and immediately productive for both new and current users—without impacting existing business workflows. The new UI also provides touch-centric, browser compatibility with iOS and Android devices, which seamlessly extends the accessibility of the platform to mobile workforces.

A new, documented AgileAssets API (Application Programming Interface) makes key AgileAssets web services accessible to client and third-party developers enabling the creation of custom applications, like mobile apps, that extend the power of the platform to meet client requirements. AgileAssets’ market-leading analytics have also been significantly enhanced in Version 7 including improved multi-year, multi-constraint analysis for work plans, improved scenario analysis comparisons as well as faster and more efficient analysis processing.

Integrated GIS Framework

Integrated GIS Framework


Optimization Analysis

Optimization Analysis


Mobile Tablets

Mobile Tablets


The key enhancements, among the 73 new features available in Version 7, include:

  • Redesigned UI – System-wide enhancements deliver a modern, responsive UI that is highly intuitive and which enables greater productivity, without impacting existing business workflows. Client-configurable help enables adding context-sensitive, rich-text help content for an agency’s specific implementation and processes. Current users will experience significantly improved operational efficiency, while new users will be able to learn the system more quickly.

  • iOS and Android Compatibility – Version 7’s browser- based interface delivers touch-centric, browser compatibility with most iOS and Android tablet devices. With a new highly responsive design, AgileAssets modules now display effectively on a variety of screen sizes.

  • AgileAssets API – A documented AgileAssets API makes key web services accessible to client and third-party developers enabling the creation of custom applications, like mobile apps, that extend the power of the platform. A new AgileAssets Mobile Fleet Repair Manager (coming soon) demonstrates the robustness of the API for developing new applications that integrate with AgileAssets web services. Extensions to the API as well as additional applications are planned for the future.


  • Enhanced Analytics – Enhancements include significantly improved multi-year, multi-constraint analysis for work plans, significant analysis improvements in Bridge Analyst and improved scenario analysis comparisons within optimization windows in Pavement Analyst. The analysis functions as a whole have been redesigned to deliver faster and more efficient analysis processing.

  • Multiple Dashboards – Users can define multiple dashboards of key reports and data graphs with custom layouts using a simple drag-&-drop interface. Role-based default dashboards can be defined to make onboarding of new users more efficient. Dashboards can also be made public or shared with colleagues.

  • Import/Export – Enhanced capabilities enable users to easily set up and schedule inbound and outbound data transfers that can be scheduled to run automatically in the background at any time.

  • Mapping Enhancements – A new GIS mapping and interface design improves interactivity on all displays including touch screen devices. The interface is more streamlined and intuitive to use, leveraging progressive disclosure for improved performance in mobile environments.

AgileAssets’ infrastructure asset management software solutions are fully browser-based, facilitating accessibility and eliminating IT deployment issues. AgileAssets offers flexible system delivery options including client hosted delivery, managed hosted delivery and cloud hosted (subscription) delivery. AgileAssets also supports clients with comprehensive implementation and training services.