Products Overview

Our proven solutions help our clients by enabling a systematic process for the complete life cycle management of infrastructure assets, including pavement, facilities, bridges, fleets, utilities, telecom, traffic signals, signs, ITS and more. AgileAssets technologies optimize the decision making process and help our clients to more effectively allocate funding and achieve the highest possible ROI on their infrastructure investments.

Analyst Series Modules

Analyst Series modules feature advanced analytics to project future asset performance and determine optimal maintenance or rehabilitation strategies
to achieve maximum ROI.


Trade-Off Analysis

Trade-Off Analyst provides executive-level, multi-period/multi-constraint analysis and optimization of funding allocations across programs and asset types.


Manager Series Modules

Managers Series modules support standard work tasks including planning,
scheduling, work orders, work recording and reporting.



AgileAssets Core System

The Core System includes the core set of capabilities for the AgileAssets
product portfolio as well as mobile app technologies, AgileAssets Network
Manager LRS (Linear Referencing System) solution and a documented API.