Below you will find AgileAssets’ Texas Department of Information Resources. For more information regarding this program, please visit the DIR website. For information on AgileAssets’ products or pricing please contact our offices.

Instructions for Obtaining Quotes

Claudio Occhipinti is AgileAssets’ contact dedicated to the state of Texas. He will work with you to determine the products and services to best meet your needs and can be reached by calling our corporate offices.

Claudio Occhipinti : (512) 531-5007

How to Place Purchase Orders

Please contact Claudio Occhipinti to discuss the product(s) and services you are interested in purchasing and to obtain a quote for your purchase order.

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Product and Services Offered and Contract Pricing

AgileAssets offers flexible licensing and system delivery options to meet the specific operational and business requirements of your agency or organization.

AgileAssets products are available by monthly subscription or product licensing.

  • With monthly subscriptions the product is hosted and managed in the cloud by AgileAssets. We offer the flexibility of secure, cloud-based system delivery with up to 99.9% service availability and 24/7 comprehensive monitoring. We’ll take care of items ranging from database administration to application updates and make sure that your system is always up-to-date and operating at maximum efficiency.
  • With product licensing you can install the product on-premise or have AgileAssets host it for you. Client hosted delivery meets the needs of those agencies or organizations that require direct control of their system and its hosting environment. Based on your specifications, we’ll work directly with your IT team to securely install and deploy your system—and you’ll manage the system and hosting.

AgileAssets DIR Discounted Price List

Warranty Polices

Warranty information can be accessed here.

Bridge Analyst


  • Advanced Bridge Management System with Unmatched Analytics Tools
  • Enables More Effective Funding Allocation
  • Achieve the Highest Possible ROI
  • Multi-Period, Multi-Constraint Analysis
  • Supports NBI to NBE Transition
  • Configure to Agency Requirements

Bridge Inspector


  • Ensure Public Safety
  • Extend the Service Life of Your Bridges
  • Efficiently Comply With Federal Regulations
  • Element/Sub-Element Inspections
  • Prompt Interim Actions
  • Integrate With AgileAssets’ Bridge Management System and Maintenance System

Environment Manager


  • Define and track environmentally sensitive areas on maps, create alerts for work-order system, and management permitting requirements.
  • Create alerts for work-order system warning for activities planned in permitted areas.
  • Manage permitting requirements and permit approval process workflow.

Facilities Manager


  • Systematic Solution for Managing Facilities and Related Assets, Systems/Sub Systems
  • Easily Manage the Entire Process of Scheduling and Monitoring Work Activities
  • Manage Labor, Equipment and Material
  • Define Property, Sites and Facilities Asset Hierarchy and Preventive Maintenance

Fleet & Equipment Manager


  • Reduce the Cost of Operating Your Fleet
  • Manage all Aspects of Your Vehicle and Heavy Equipment Operations
  • Track and Optimize Usage, Resource Allocation and Operational Activities
  • Schedule Preventive Maintenance
  • Manage Equipment, Vehicle Repair

Maintenance Manager


  • Advanced Maintenance Management System for Transportation
  • Efficiently Address Planning, Scheduling, Executing, Managing and Reporting
  • Manage Labor, Equipment and Materials
  • Perform Maintenance Activity Analysis
  • Improve Annual Maintenance Planning

Materials Manager


  • Manage and track material inventory, classifications and usage.
  • Transfer inventory.
  • Workflow for requesting materials.
  • Interface with ERP purchasing functions.

Mobile Apps


  • Comprised of Three Applications that Enable Your Agency to Record Field Data Quickly and Accurately
  • Mobile Inventory Manager
  • Mobile Work Manager
  • Field Data Collection
  • Browser-Based UI, Work Online or Offline

Mobile Defect Survey


  • Identify and record defects on your asset inventory utilizing hand-held mobile devices.
  • Customize forms to meet your collection methods.

Mobile Fleet Manager


  • Record daily work activities, vehicle check-in, and motor pool management via mobile devices.
  • Allows for offline data entry.

Mobile Warehouse Manager


  • Manage stockpiles, transfer materials and perform inventory via mobile devices.
  • Allows for offline data entry.

Mobility Analyst


  • Advanced Highway Network Analysis
  • Inventory, Environment and Traffic Data
  • Traffic Performance Analysis/Forecasting
  • Congestion Mitigation Strategies Using User-Defined Decision Trees
  • Economic Evaluation of Congestion Mitigation Strategies

Network Manager


  • Create and Maintain Spatial and Linear Networks (Roadways, Pipelines, Railways)
  • Multiple Linear Reference Methods
  • LRS Data Maintenance (Simple, Map-Based Interface)
  • Network Transactions (Adding, Deleting, Realigning, Renaming, Editing, Measuring)

Pavement Analyst


  • Easily Analyze Current Conditions, Future Performance and Expected Needs for Your Pavement Network
  • Simplifies Forecasting and Resource Allocation Through Multiple Analysis Scenario
  • Multi-Constraint, Multi-Year Analysis
  • Deterioration Models, Decision Trees

Rail Crossing Manager


  • Enterprise work management, planning, optimizations, preventive management, service requests, work orders and LEM.
  • Define your rail crossing asset hierarchy.
  • Setup rail crossings for state or commercial control.

Railway Analyst


  • Strategic railway management analysis and predictive modeling.
  • Multi constraint and multi-year analysis for optimization of budget dollars and project portfolios.
  • Deterioration models project future level of service on rail assets.
  • Decision trees can be defined according to your agency’s practices.

Right-of-Way Manager


  • Create projects using custom or standard workflows.
  • Integration with GIS/LRS – Report what is performed over your network.
  • Seamlessly move work from Annual Plans, Problem Reports and PM to actual Work Orders.
  • Assign priorities, crews, and/or specific employees to Work Orders.

Safety Analyst


  • Proven, HSM Compliant, GIS-Integrated Safety Management System (SMS)
  • Improve Safety, Reduce Fatalities, Liabilities and Property Damage
  • Advanced Crash Analysis
  • Utilize Existing Data to Reduce Integration and Validation Costs

Sign Manager


  • GIS/LRS-Integrated Traffic Signal Management System
  • Ensure Pedestrian Safety and the Safe, Efficient Flow of Traffic
  • Make Maximum use of Your Budget
  • Signal Condition and History Analysis
  • GIS/LRS Search and Visualization

Signal and ITS Manager


  • GIS/LRS-Integrated Traffic Signal Management System
  • Ensure Pedestrian Safety and the Safe, Efficient Flow of Traffic
  • Make Maximum Use of Your Budget
  • Signal Condition and History Analysis
  • GIS/LRS Search and Visualization

System Foundation


  • Represents the Core Set of Capabilities for AgileAssets Products
  • Supports Any Asset or Event or Other Table Data that an Agency Wants to Identify, Manage, Maintain or Analyze
  • Features GIS Explorer and Integration With Google Maps, Bing® Maps

Telecom Manager


  • Simplify the Tracking and Maintenance of Radio Sites, Mobile Radios, Microwave Stations, Base/Repeaters
  • Manage Your Labor, Equipment and Material Resources
  • Turn Plans and Reports Into Work Orders
  • Customize Preventive Maintenance

Trade-Off Analyst


  • Decision Optimization System for More Effective Funding Allocations Across Programs and Asset Types
  • Maximize Your Agency’s Performance
  • Analyze Different Analysis Periods
  • Analyze Impact of Project Delays
  • Define Federally Eligible Projects

Utilities Analyst


  • Analysis and Management Framework for Water Systems, Storm and Wastewater Systems, Natural Gas Distribution/Storage, Electrical Generation Distribution
  • Multi-Period, Multi-Constraint Analysis
  • Integrated GIS Environment
  • Deterioration Curves—Library or Your Data

Utilities Manager


  • Flexible Solution for Managing Utility Asset Systems and Sub-Systems
  • Supports Strategic Planning, Scheduling and Monitoring Work Activities
  • Manage Labor, Equipment and Material
  • Turn Plans and Reports Into Work Orders
  • Customize Preventive Maintenance