//Infrastructure Asset Management in a Large Scale European PPP Project

Infrastructure Asset Management in a Large Scale European PPP Project

What’s in this White Paper?

Advanced Asset Management System (AMS) software is revolutionizing how Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) projects are managed. This paper provides an overview of how one PPP consortia in Europe is utilizing AMS software to facilitate decisions, minimize risk and enhance profits.

In this white paper you’ll learn:

Button-No-1 Why the complexity of large transportation networks require integrated AMS software for optimal management
Button-No-2 How level of service and hand back condition criteria can more readily be met with the use of an integrated AMS solution
Button-No-3 How one PPP consortia uses integrated AMS software to monitor, analyze and plan operations for its PPP projects
Button-No-4 How the decision support tools in AMS software can be used by PPP consortia to mitigate risk before contract bids

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