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Indonesia Boosts Road Network Performance With Esri-Integrated Asset Management System

Spanning more than 17,500 islands with over 261 million inhabitants, the Republic of Indonesia relies on a safe, interconnected road network for economic and cultural prosperity. The quality of roads and bridges is especially critical in providing access to education and supporting Indonesia’s tourism industry. That’s why the national road authority—called Direktorat Jenderal Bina Marga—has invested in modernizing its asset management practices to improve both the quality and the economic sustainability of its network.

In October 2018, Bina Marga went live with a comprehensive AgileAssets solution designed to maximize the performance of Indonesia’s 47,000 km (30,000 miles) of roadways and 18,000 bridges while improving safety and reducing maintenance costs. Using the advanced analytical features of the new integrated asset management system, Bina Marga can make data-driven decisions about which maintenance projects will bring the most value for the available budget. The software also lets asset managers identify safety hot spots (high-risk areas) and develop measures to reduce accidents and fatalities.

With an annual transportation budget of 40 trillion Rupia ($2.6 billion in US dollars), Bina Marga spends about 58% on maintenance, preservation, and replacement, and about 27% on construction. The new asset management system will help the agency not only prioritize maintenance projects and optimize work plans to achieve specific outcomes, but it will also help Bina Marga allocate funds to get the highest return on its infrastructure investments.

To ensure the highest-quality delivery of the integrated AgileAssets solution—which includes pavement, bridge, and safety management systems as well as a cross-asset tradeoff analysis (or portfolio) module—the AgileAssets team worked closely with local experts. For example, the team collaborated with Esri® Indonesia to integrate the asset management solution with Esri’s ArcGIS® Enterprise platform, so that asset managers can easily identify and visualize asset locations and conduct better geospatial analysis. The team also partnered with a local IT services firm, Global Tekno Tritama, to ensure a smooth implementation aligned with local and international standards.

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