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///Our Ongoing Commitment to Client Success

Our Ongoing Commitment to Client Success

Letter from Michael Lester, AgileAssets Product VP

Dear Clients,

At the start of 2018, I shared that AgileAssets’ #1 goal for the year is Customer Happiness—meaning we want to maximize your success and provide valuable opportunities for you to engage with us and with each other. We have implemented many new initiatives to do just that. For example, we introduced AgileAssets Communities and Ideas—two online forums that allow you to interact with our product experts and to learn from your fellow AgileAssets users. Many of you have submitted ideas for future software innovations and upvoted the ideas of others. We are using your valuable input to prioritize our product roadmap.

We’re now making another change that we believe will have a huge impact on your ongoing success. When you have an issue with our software or a question about how something works, you have typically emailed or called our Client Care team. They listen and address the items you share with them. They track issues and fixes and deliver them through hotfixes or patches.

During customer meetings over the past year, we have learned that when we discuss your goals, objectives, and challenges, we’re able to solve problems beyond the technical kind. Going forward, we are asking the former Client Care team to go beyond responding to the technical issues you bring to them and be proactive in helping you with the overall adoption and use of your AgileAssets solution.

We are investing in this team to make sure they have the expertise to help you meet your needs and get the most value from your software. If you are struggling with a particular feature, have a question about the configuration you have, or want a training session on how to use part of the software you’re not yet using completely—our (newly renamed) Client Success team will be there to help you.

In addition, our Client Success team members will reach out to you every quarter to discuss your open issues, your ways of using the software within your agency, and your responses to our customer surveys—so we can explore ways to improve and progress together. Our goal through this change is to increase your happiness and long-term success by helping you get the full benefits of your AgileAssets solution.

As always, we love hearing from you. Let your Client Success team know how we can help.

Michael Lester
Vice President of Product

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Michael Lester
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