On-Demand Videos:


  1. Keynote: Managing Infrastructure Assets in a (Post-)Pandemic Environment
    Stuart Hudson, P.E., CEO, AgileAssets
  2. AgileAssets Product Xchange: Vision
    Michael Lester, COO, AgileAssets
  3. How North Carolina DOT Uses Multivariant Analysis to Improve Bridge Management Decision-Making
    Cary Clemmons, Bridge Management Analyst, NCDOT
  4. Successful Asset Management in Polk County, FL
    Aaron Gerber, P.E., Principal, The Kercher Group;
    Katia Delgado, P.E., Asset Management Section Manager, Polk County Roads & Drainage Division
  5. Asset Management for Municipal Governments: Pavements, Bridges & Sidewalks
    Christoper W. McGee, P.E., Assistant Director of Transportation, City of Raleigh
  6. AgileAssets to ESRI R&H LRS Interface – NYSDOT’s Challenges and Accomplishments
    Benedikt Gustafsson, Transportation Analyst, NYSDOT
  7. Map-based Maintenance Management and Planning for North Carolina DOT
    Ryan Conley, Maintenance Management Engineer, NCDOT
  8. AgileAssets Product Showcase
    Priya Menon, Senior Manager, Product Management, AgileAssets;
    Kingsley Nwosu, Director of Product Management, AgileAssets
  9. Automated Cracking Data Collection in Raleigh, NC
    Charles Pilson, Ph.D., P.E., Principal, The Kercher Group;
    Eric Botting, Business Development Manager, ARRB Group Inc.
  10. Enterprise Asset Management at NYSDOT
    Steve Wilcox, P.E., Director, Maintenance Program Planning Bureau, NYSDOT
  11. Dashboards, Maps, Data Visualizations & Reporting
    Kingsley Nwosu, Director of Product Management, AgileAssets