1. Keynote: Managing Infrastructure Assets in a (Post-)Pandemic Environment
    Presenter(s): Stuart Hudson, P.E., CEO, AgileAssets
  2. AgileAssets Product Xchange: Vision
    Presenter(s): Michael Lester, COO, AgileAssets
  3. Using Analytics for Pavement Project Selection & Decision-Making at Texas DOT
    Presenter(s): Feng Hong, Ph.D., P.E., Pavements Branch Manager TXDOT
    Hui Wu, Ph.D., P.E., Transporation Engineer, TXDOT
    Elizabeth Paul, E.I.T., Engineering Assistant III, TXDOT
  4. Managing Pavement, Sidewalks & Alleys at City of Dallas
    Presenter(s): Eric Perrone, P.E., Principal, The Kercher Group
    Jennifer Nicewander, Senior Program Manager, City of Dallas
  5. How New Mexico DOT Used AgileAssets® Maintenace Manager™ and Reporting to Address the COVID Crisis
    Presenter(s): Camille Valdez, Management Analyst Supervisor, NMDOT
  6. Improving Urban Pavement Roughness Measures to Meet Customer Expectations
    Presenter(s): Ed Poppitt, P.E., PWLF, Consulting Engineer, City of Austin, Public Works, Street & Bridge Operations
  7. Quality Control and Data Analytics Using AgileAssets® Maintenance Manager™ at Texas DOT
    Presenter(s): Mark Johnson, P.E., Transporation Engineer, TXDOT
    Brandye Munn, Systems Analyst, TXDOT
  8. AgileAssets Product Showcase
    Presenter(s): Priya Menon, Senior Manager, Product Management, AgileAssets
    Kingsley Nwosu, Director of Product Management, AgileAssets
  9. Achieving TAMP Targets for Pavements
    Presenter(s): Charles Pilson, Ph.D., P.E., Principal, The Kercher Grou
  10. Implementation of Structural Strength Data for Network-Level Pavement Management
    Presenter(s): Jenny Li, Section Director, TXDOT
  11. Dashboards, Maps, Data Visualizations & Reporting
    Presenter(s): Kingsley Nwosu, Director of Product Management, AgileAssets