About AgileAssets Inc.

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Company Overview

Who We Are

AgileAssets is the leading provider of infrastructure asset management enterprise software to government and private agencies in the United States and worldwide. We are transportation engineers, business analysts, software developers, and service professionals committed to delivering value to you through our advanced products and world-class service.

What We Do

We Drive Value
We provide innovative software solutions to help you maximize the return on your infrastructure investments. From pavements, bridges, and roadway features to fleets, facilities, and other fixed and mobile assets, we help you make data-driven business decisions to achieve optimal asset lifecycles and performance.
We Build Strong Relationships
As trusted partners and advisors to more than 50 large road authorities, departments of transportation, and other organizations, we develop collaborative customer relationships that last well beyond our product delivery. We work with you to solve your strategic challenges, address your emerging business needs, and provide ongoing support.
We Deliver Flexible Options
We meet your unique needs by offering a full suite of software products that can be selected individually or combined and tailored to your specific business challenges and budget. All our solutions are available by subscription to keep costs predictable and affordable. Alternatively, you may purchase a perpetual license.
We Continually Innovate
From advanced analytics and data visualization to mapping and mobile capabilities, we continually update our products to support your evolving asset management needs and to keep up with regulatory changes. Through hosted solutions, we provide seamless upgrades that increase your business productivity and effectiveness.
Road lane miles are managed
using AgileAssets software
Bridges are managed
using AgileAssets software
Vehicles and pieces of equipment are managed
using AgileAssets software
Transportation budget dollars are managed
using AgileAssets software
People worldwide benefit
from AgileAssets software