About AgileAssets Inc.

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AgileAssets specializes in infrastructure asset management software solutions for public and private organizations throughout the world.

AgileAssets helped pioneer the infrastructure asset management market through the application of new technologies including browser-enabled database systems, geographical information systems (GIS) and GPS location referencing.

Our software solutions help you make more informed decisions and to comply with the latest state and federal mandates, such as GASB 34. For geographically based information, our solutions provide the tools necessary to conduct GIS mapping and GPS location referencing. Integrated multimedia enables the review of videos, photographs, drawings, audio clips, and other supported file formats alongside associated data and results.

Our solutions include tools that facilitate ease-of-use, including reporting tools that show asset conditions, indicate asset maintenance and rehabilitation needs and other important management information. All our systems are designed with end results in mind, and they crafted to help users make better management decisions, initiate budget requests and to more efficiently allocate available funds.

For additional information as well as a detailed description of our implementation, training and support services contact AgileAssets today.