Below you will find AgileAssets’ GSA Award Schedule. For more information regarding this program, please visit the GSA Award Schedule website. For information on AgileAssets’ products or pricing please contact our offices.

Instructions for Obtaining Quotes

Jason Watts is AgileAssets’ designated vendor contact for the GSA Award Schedule. He will work with you to determine the products and services to best meet your needs and can be reached by calling our corporate offices.

Jason Watts: (512) 327-4200

How to Place Purchase Orders

Please contact Jason Watts to discuss the product(s) and services you are interested in purchasing and to obtain a quote for your purchase order. PURCHASE ORDERS MUST SHOW GSA AWARD SCHEDULE CONTRACT # 47QTCA18D00GY

GSA Award Schedule Contract Number


GSA Award Schedule Cooperative Purchasing Contracts

Learn more about the GSA Purchasing Contracts

Product and Services Offered and Contract Pricing 

AgileAssets offers flexible licensing and system delivery options to meet the specific operational and business requirements of your agency or organization.

AgileAssets products are available by annual subscription or product licensing.

  • With software-as-service subscriptions, the product is hosted and managed in the cloud by AgileAssets. We offer the flexibility of secure, cloud-based system delivery with up to 99% service availability and 24/7 comprehensive monitoring. We’ll take care of items ranging from database administration to application updates and make sure that your system is always up-to-date and operating at maximum efficiency.
  • With product licensing you can install the product on-premise or have AgileAssets host it for you. Client hosted delivery meets the needs of those agencies or organizations that require direct control of their system and its hosting environment. Based on your specifications, we’ll work directly with your IT team to securely install and deploy your system—and you’ll manage the system and hosting.

AgileAssets GSA Schedule Price List

AgileAssets Products