Let’s Grow Together

As our partner, you benefit from our expertise in helping customers maximize the return on their infrastructure investments. By bringing proven solutions to your customers, we help drive your business forward.

Partner Tier Levels

 Referral Partner

The first step for most partners, the Referral tier provides an introduction to the program. Typically, this partnership furnishes specialized skills for a single project. Referral Partners can receive up to 10% sales margin.

 Bronze Partner

The Bronze tier is available to partners who can deliver a value-added service such as local specialist skills, support for help desk operations or project implementations, or assistance with account management. Bronze Partners can earn up to 15% sales margin.

 Silver Partner

The Silver tier serves partners who want to deliver several value-added services for more than one territory while earning up to 20% margins for initiating the sales process from lead generation.

 Gold Partner

The Gold tier is for partners qualified and certified to perform all aspects of an asset management project, from business process consulting activities through configuration, training, and long-term customer support. Gold Partners can receive up to 25% sales margin.

Become a Partner

The AgileAssets Partner Program is an excellent way to advance your business by introducing AgileAssets software and services to your existing prospects. The program gives you direct access to the right support, tools, and training to help your business grow through our innovative solutions. By collaborating with us, many of our partners develop their own highly qualified implementation teams, adding local expertise and knowledge.

We have designed the program to provide our partners with new and ongoing opportunities to increase revenue and enjoy the benefits of being part of the AgileAssets network. Our multi-tiered approach allows you to commit to a partnership level that best suits your needs while offering exclusive benefits based on your chosen tier. As an AgileAssets Partner, you are able to network with similar organizations throughout the world, sharing best practices and pioneering implementations.

Choose Us

Our partners choose us for our multidisciplinary expertise, agility, and collaborative support.

Partners include:

  • Engineering firms
  • Municipal, regional, and national government organizations
  • IT consulting and integration firms
  • Specialized software providers

Successful partners are:

  • Committed to building strong customer relationships
  • Open to innovative approaches to challenges
  • Interested in dynamic problem-solving
  • Excited to be part of a team of industry experts

Next Steps

Becoming an AgileAssets partner begins with an initial discussion with a dedicated Partner Manager who can advise you on the best tier to support your business and discuss the application process in more detail. Once approved, your organization is able to access all the benefits related to your tier.

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