Montana Uses Interactive Maps to Pinpoint Road Crash Risks

Is This Crash Risk Real? Analysis Helps Road Safety Managers Decide When road users alert Montana Department of Transportation of potential crash risks, the agency follows up with data-driven analysis. In this short video, Montana Safety Engineer Patricia Burke, P.E., shows how interactive mapping in the AgileAssets® Safety Analyst™ solution helps to pinpoint the locations […]


Montana’s Video Helps Put the Brakes on Distracted Driving

What Happens When You Take Your Eyes Off the Road? Roadway departures are a major cause of highway deaths—and distracted driving is often to blame. So AgileAssets customer Montana Department of Transportation developed a creative public awareness campaign to reduce distracted driving. Watch the video for ideas on how to spread the word about road […]


Meet MAP 21 and FAST Act Targets and Increase ROI for Bridges

To deliver the most value from your bridge network, it’s not enough to meet compliance standards. Today’s agencies also need to maximize the performance of their assets and increase the return on infrastructure investments (ROI). Based on a recent case study, this webinar shows how AgileAssets solutions are helping bridge managers meet MAP-21 and FAST […]


AgileAssets – Save Money, Save Time, Save Lives

This AgileAssets video highlights the importance of proper asset management of our infrastructure, and the role modern asset management software plays in producing optimal strategies that save taxpayers’ money, agency time, and people’s lives.


Risk Management and Target Setting at the 11th National Conference on Transportation Asset Management

Taking place once every two years, the National Transportation Asset Management Conference is one of the most focused events in the field of Transportation Asset Management (TAM). It is organized by the Transportation Research Board and supported by the Federal Highway Administration and Federal Transit Administration. This year’s conference was hosted by Minnesota Department of Transportation […]


Business Process Support in AgileAssets Solutions

When we start an implementation project to install, configure and go live with one or more AgileAssets software modules, we start out with a large number of business processes that we need to consider and set up. How do we even know where to start? What we do is break down the main business processes […]