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Meet Map-21/FAST Act Targets and Increase ROI for Bridges

To deliver the most value from your bridge network, it’s not enough to meet compliance standards. Today’s agencies also need to maximize the performance of their assets and increase the return on infrastructure investments (ROI). Based on a recent case study, this webinar shows how AgileAssets solutions are helping bridge managers meet MAP-21 and FAST [...]

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Engaging Maintenance Management Teams for Higher Performance

With hundreds of employees and an advanced maintenance management system (MMS) in place, Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) already had two big advantages: talent and technology. But the agency saw a way to combine these strengths to achieve even higher performance for its maintenance operations. The key: empowering employees to use the technology to the fullest.

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Improve Roadway Safety Using Data Visualization and Analytics

Advanced analytical tools have transformed safety management programs by providing a systematic way to identify crash locations, evaluate countermeasures, and assess economic impacts. These tools can also let decision-makers drill down to see crash patterns and distributions using advanced data visualization techniques. Based on the case study results from a successful state DOT, this session [...]

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Modernizing Montana DOT’s MMS – Earning Value, Saving Time and Money

The Montana Department of Transportation has increased efficiency and cut costs by modernizing its roadway maintenance program with AgileAssets® Maintenance Manager™. Presented by Dr. Douglas McBroom, Operations Manager, Montana Department of Transportation, and Rick Hatheway, Senior Solutions Engineer, AgileAssets. In this webinar, you will learn proven strategies to: Replace siloed systems and paper-heavy processes Manage [...]

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Streamlining Pavement Project Reviews Through Visualization

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) wanted to implement a visualization tool within its deployment of AgileAssets Pavement Analyst, an advanced pavement management system (PMS) known internally at Caltrans as PaveM. The value of the visualization tool would be to facilitate the pavement project review process.

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An Analytical Framework for Systematic Screening of Roadway Departure Crashes on Rural Highways

Driver distraction is a specific type of driver inattention that can happen due to a driver being engaged in activities like cell phone calls, texting, and other activities such as adjusting radio channels/DVD player, using navigation devices, distraction by passengers or external stimuli, etc. Approximately 10% of all fatal crashes and 18% of injury crashes [...]

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AgileAssets® Bridge Analyst™ – Product Showcase Webinar

Significant advances in Bridge Management System (BMS) software now provides the tools to simplify the complex task of managing large bridge networks, while maximizing budgets and enabling agencies to meet or exceed level of service goals and federal reporting requirements. This webinar provides an overview of modern BMS software, in the form of AgileAssets® Bridge Analyst™ [...]

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AgileAssets® Summit™ – Product Showcase Series

Transportation agencies work with billions of infrastructure asset data points, and the volume and complexity of this data makes it difficult to get a comprehensive overview. The new AgileAssets(r) Summit(tm) solution allows asset managers, agency leaders and nontechnical stakeholders to visually explore, analyze and extract actionable information from large infrastructure asset data sets. This webinar, [...]

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AgileAssets® Safety Analyst™ – Product Showcase Series

Dr. Shafiul Azam presents how a robust safety management system can help your agency make better decisions to reduce collisions and property loss, and save lives. The speaker demonstrates how the AgileAssets Safety Analyst solution can help your agency meet your road safety objectives and comply with the Federal Highway Safety Manual. From this webinar [...]

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Leveraging Esri Collector for ArcGIS with your AgileAssets Solution – Product Showcase Webinar

Johan Terblans, Senior Solutions Architect at AgileAssets, demonstrates how Esri's Collector for ArcGIS mobile app can be used with AgileAssets asset management system to perform basic asset acquisition and inspection workflows. From this webinar you will learn: What/when to use Esri Collector for ArcGIS for inspections or asset collection The benefit/value of using Esri Collector [...]

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AgileAssets Infrastructure Asset Management Success Stories: Cities and Counties

Download a Free Copy of the Infrastructure Asset Management Success Stories Report for Cities and Counties Cities and counties in the U.S. are leveraging the power of our advanced software solutions to take their infrastructure asset management programs to the next level—while saving millions. Carroll County, MD used optimized analysis to develop work plans that [...]

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