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Esri & AgileAssets: Using Maps to Advance Pavement Management

Best practices from Texas Department of Transportation Nationally recognized pavement expert Magdy Mikhail, PhD, PE, demonstrates how interactive maps can improve your pavement management planning, analysis, and reporting. Learn best practices used by the largest state-managed roadway network in the United States, Texas Department of Transportation. Discover the benefits of using maps to: Assess pavement […]


6 Keys to Higher Bridge Network Performance

Use Smart Strategies to Meet Safety and Performance Goals Improving bridge safety and maximizing performance are two of the challenges bridge managers face today. Creating smarter work plans to make the best use of funds is a key strategy to meet those challenges. Download Large Infographic

Case Studies

Creating a 4-Year Pavement Management Plan with AgileAssets® Pavement Analyst™

Goals Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) needed a way to generate a multi-year pavement management plan based on financial facts and engineering data. Ideally, the plan needed to be roadway-specific, budget-constrained, and capable of being used to assess the impact of allocated funding. TxDOT defined the following goals: Develop a comprehensive, uniform 4-year pavement management […]

Case Studies

Oklahoma DOT’s Learning Culture Boosts Maintenance Team Performance

Goals With hundreds of employees and an advanced maintenance management system (MMS) in place, Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) already had two big advantages: talent and technology. But the agency saw a way to combine these strengths to achieve even higher performance for its maintenance operations. The key: empowering employees to use the technology to the fullest. ODOT’s Maintenance Division envisioned a […]


What’s New in v7.3 AgileAssets® asset management software

Take advantage of new features and enhancements that improve the usability and productivity of your AgileAssets® asset management software. Version 7.3 offers expanded mobile functionality for maintenance work management, plus augmented mapping and reporting capabilities. In addition, v7.3 lets you increase the efficiency of your structures inspection and analysis processes, so you can get more […]