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How Optimization Works in Transportation Asset Management

Get More From Your Infrastructure Budget Allocating funds is a challenge when your budget won’t cover all the work to be done. However, through optimization, you can make better funding decisions and get a higher return on your infrastructure investments. Using simple illustrations, our ebook shows how optimization works to give you the most value […]

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Modern Pavement Management Practices for Cities & Counties

Data-driven strategies save money and lives.   Nationally recognized pavement expert Magdy Mikhail, PhD, PE, demonstrates how data-driven asset management practices can help cities and counties get the best performance, longevity, and return on investment from pavement assets. Key Takeaways What modern pavement management is and how it differs from traditional approaches Benefits of using […]


5 Ways to Visualize Road Crash Risks

Maps and Graphs Tell a Story That Guides Safety Strategies Road crashes claim 1.4 million lives and cost the global economy $518 billion per year. To reduce crash rates, agencies need to pinpoint the most critical risk factors, then take the right actions to address them. Analytics and data visualizations can help tell a story of crash risks in your network so you […]


5 Keys to a Mature Pavement Management Strategy

Improve Performance Across the Pavement Lifecycle Today’s pavement managers face a daunting challenge: improving roadway safety and performance with optimized work plans despite limited budgets. Meeting this challenge with a mature pavement management strategy can help maximize the benefits of pavement projects across the asset lifecycle and across your road network. Use these five keys […]

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AgileAssets Appoints Chris Newson as Senior Consultant to Maximize Customer Value Across EMEA

Newson to leverage deep experience in asset lifecycle management technologies from Highways England, Fugro and others to solve agency challenges. London, England  – AgileAssets Ltd., a leading provider of transportation asset lifecycle management software, has announced the appointment of Chris Newson as Senior Consultant to the International Sales and Operations group for AgileAssets. In this […]

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Transportation Safety: Meeting the Challenge with Modern Safety Management Systems

Maintaining a safe road network requires increasingly complex analytical skills and regulatory compliance. Safety analysts, engineers, and asset managers can benefit from using an advanced safety management system (SMS) to design and implement effective strategies. Read this paper to learn how a SMS helps you: Identify roadway risk factors and patterns Make better engineering decisions […]

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AgileAssets Expands C-Suite to Advance Growth, Talent, and Operational Excellence

Global transportation asset lifecycle management software provider gears up to enter new markets and strengthen client success. Austin, Texas – January 10, 2019 – AgileAssets Inc., a leading provider of transportation asset lifecycle management software, has appointed three members of its executive team to C-level roles. The appointments coincide with an organizational restructuring aimed at […]

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AgileAssets Appoints Sai Machavarapu as VP of Engineering to Lead Development of Next-Generation Transportation Asset Lifecycle Management Solutions

Machavarapu plans software innovations using mobile apps, data science, and AI to solve agency challenges. Austin, Texas – November 29, 2018 – AgileAssets Inc., a leading provider of transportation asset lifecycle management software, has announced the appointment of Sai Machavarapu as Vice President of Engineering. He will lead the company’s global engineering teams to develop next-generation […]

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Improve Roadway Safety Using Data Visualization and Analytics

Advanced analytical tools have transformed safety management programs by providing a systematic way to identify crash locations, evaluate countermeasures, and assess economic impacts. These tools can also let decision-makers drill down to see crash patterns and distributions using advanced data visualization techniques. Based on the case study results from a successful state DOT, this session […]