Pavement Management, an Important Validation of the Pavement Performance Concept

It has long been espoused that spending $1 at the right time on pavement preservation can save $4 or more in future maintenance or rehabilitation on that same pavement section.  Transportation Commissioner Mike Sheflin from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada was one of the first professionals to show data from his pavement management system (PMS) that supports […]


Using Asset Management to Solve Special Problems in Highway Agencies

State DOTs are often faced with special problems on their highway networks.  One such problem is the effect of extremely heavy traffic loads concentrated in small areas of unusual business activity.  A current example is the heavy oil and gas drilling and production activity in the shale areas across the United States, created by a […]


Are Pavement Management Systems Really Cost-Effective?

Much is said about Pavement Management Systems (PMS) helping to do a better job of managing pavement networks.  People intuitively think that better information or data, properly analyzed, produces better answers.  Now however we have measurable, calculable benefits and the comparable cost of setting up and operating a PMS system, which can be used to calculate benefit […]


True Optimization versus Prioritization in Pavement Management Systems (PMS)

Many people do not appreciate the huge difference between prioritization and optimization.  A priority listing is nothing more than a ranking.  In pavements it is often a “worst-first” list which starts out with the most distressed pavement and ranks them in terms of their distress level to the best pavement section.  Some PMS software uses […]

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