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Celebrating Excellence in Infrastructure Asset Management

Improved mobile field data collection for asset maintenance. More efficient pavement project management. Better data quality for overhead sign structures. More engaged team members. Smarter investment decisions.

These are just some of the positive outcomes of projects nominated for the 2018 AgileAssets Excellence in Infrastructure Asset Management (AXIAM) Awards, which recognizes organizations that demonstrate an innovative or effective use of AgileAssets software to solve an asset management challenge. Nominated projects must demonstrate:

  • Quantifiable business benefits
  • Customer value and satisfaction
  • Innovation and inspiration for the industry

AXIAM Award nominees receive recognition for project successes. Bottom row: Jenny Li, Pavement Preservation Branch Manager, TxDOT; David Coarsey, Maintenance Management Systems Program Specialist, Louisiana DOTD (AXIAM Award Runner-Up); Alex Calvillo, PE, Assistant State Maintenance Engineer, Maintenance Operations, Oklahoma DOT (AXIAM Award winner); and Andrew Pavey, Engineering Assistant, Alaska DOT&PF. Top row: Joe Garvey, Vice President of the Client Group, AgileAssets; Ed Poppitt, PE, PWLF, Consulting Engineer, Infrastructure Management Group, City of Austin; Stuart Hudson, PE, President, AgileAssets; and Chad Shive, Pavement Management Specialist, Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. Not pictured: Sreenivas Alampalli, PhD, Director, Structure Management Bureau, New York State DOT.

Industry Peers Vote for Winner

Seven transportation agencies competed for the award during the 2018 AgileAssets International Users Conference (IUC). Each agency presented an overview of its nominated project, and IUC attendees used a mobile app to vote anonymously for the winner. Attendees included 166 transportation industry leaders from 30 public and private organizations worldwide. Votes from 128 attendees determined the winning project.

Oklahoma DOT Takes Top Prize

The 2018 AXIAM Award went to Oklahoma Department of Transportation (DOT) for its User Satisfaction Design initiative—a comprehensive set of training, surveys, communications, and in-house support activities that help DOT staff make optimal use of their AgileAssets system.

Oklahoma DOT team members celebrate their AXIAM Award. Left to right: Timothy Mason, Shop Superintendent; Earlan Dujon, AgileAssets Resident Consultant; Tina Cassady, Administrative Assistant; Stephanie Richardson, Programs Manager; Alex Calvillo, Assistant State Maintenance Engineer; Shelly Lavelle, Material Management Officer; Ann Wilson, Fleet Manager; and Ross Powers, AgileAssets Resident Consultant.

The winning agency received a custom-designed glass trophy, one free registration to the next AgileAssets International Users Conference, including paid hotel and meals (a $2,050 value), and opportunities to communicate their project’s success through industry-wide channels.

AXIAM Award Recipients 2018

Recognition Agency Project and Product Benefits and Value

Oklahoma DOT

Developed User Satisfaction Design—a set of training, surveys, communications, and in-house support activities to help all users get more value from the advanced features of AgileAssets Maintenance Manager™.
  • Positive user feedback
  • Enhanced engagement with end users
  • Robust data for senior decision-makers
  • Increased system confidence at all organizational levels

Louisiana DOTD

Implemented mobile asset management using AgileAssets Work Manager™ mobile app.
  • Expected increase in data accuracy
  • Elimination of errors
  • Improved user satisfaction
Honorable Mention

Alaska DOT&PF

Focused on maximizing return on investments by achieving the best project results using AgileAssets Pavement Analyst™, Maintenance Manager™, and Fleet & Equipment Manager™, and Work Manager™ mobile app. Improved performance and service through:

  • Smarter, data-driven investment decisions
  • Optimal asset performance for funding levels
Honorable Mention

City of Austin

Developed an optimal 5-year maintenance plan for efficient urban pavement management using AgileAssets Pavement Analyst™.
  • Preventive maintenance funding increased from $19M to $26M.
  • Street renewal funding increased from $12M to $15M.
  • SaaS solution reduces IT support needs.
Honorable Mention

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet

Developed a pavement distress index using an analytical hierarchical process to weigh pavement types against each other with AgileAssets Pavement Analyst™.
  • Improved project selection for the resurfacing program
  • Introduced methods to prevent data errors
  • Corrected errors in historical data
Honorable Mention

New York State DOT

Integrated Overhead Sign Structure (OSS) management system with automated inspection scheduling, flagging, and work recommendations using AgileAssets Structures Inspector™. Improved asset management through:

  • Automatic inspection scheduling
  • Adherence to internal guidelines
  • Formal tracking of flags
  • Increased data quality
  • Implementation of business rules
  • Increased system accessibility by relevant staff
Honorable Mention

Texas DOT

Developed a comprehensive, uniform, roadway-specific and cost-effective pavement management plan that enables impact assessment using AgileAssets Pavement Analyst™. Districts and regions can appropriately allocate resources through long-term planning—and assess project impacts.

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