AgileAssets is attending the Annual Meeting of the International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association (IBTTA) in Dublin, Ireland.  Here, we will showcase how our product portfolio assists private and public players achieve best value for money.

European expansion

Attending and exhibiting at the IBTTA is part of AgileAssets recent introduction to the European market for infrastructure management. The tolling industry is especially interesting to us, since private public partnerships (PPP) and design, build, finance and operate (DBFO) contracts are becoming increasingly popular in European asset management.

AgileAssets is currently working for the Connect Plus consortium, which is operating the M25 motorway ring road around London. Here, we provide enterprise asset management analysis tools and help calculate long term consequences of intervention strategies.

At the IBTTA meeting, we are looking forward to introduce ourselves to new potential clients from the European and global infrastructure community.

Securing Investments

As the tolling facilities are rapidly advancing to become more automatic, in terms of positioning and tracking devices and fly-by solutions, concessionaires are looking towards securing their investments by moving into the DBFO market, where tolling is merely a part of the bigger picture.

Typically, the constellation of DBFOs entails a row of investors, such as banks and private companies that need to be kept abreast with the spending of their investments, while the concessionaire must also honour the contractual obligations of the road owner, most likely the state road agency or a large municipality. With the right planning and analysis, the operator will be able to keep this balance between maintaining and building, all the while securing pay back to investors.

Introducing the Life Cycle Approach

AgileAssets delivers the tools to support infrastructure managers in their efforts to reach the level of service conditions, required by society and other stakeholders, for the vital assets that roads, bridges and other facilities represent. AgileAssets support a full life-cycle approach to asset management, where not only the initial construction costs but also the long term maintenance expenses are important pieces of the puzzle. Using AgileAssets sophisticated software allows asset managers to analyse and predict total cost of ownership, life time value of the asset and the long term financial gain of performing optimized operation and maintenance.

Nearly half of the US Departments of Transportation are presently our clients and we can accommodate any facilities that are included in a DBFO contract, including toll facilities. Our long-term affiliation with the IBTTA tells us, that there is a growing need for innovative asset management in the tolling industry and we are looking forward to enter into this dialogue.

Mr Joe Garvey, Vice President, and Mr Mikkel Bruun, Communications Manager will exhibit and demonstrate software solutions that empower infrastructure planners and operators in their aspirations to achieve the highest return on investments.

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