Among the many complex infrastructure assets that public agencies are tasked with managing, few are as challenging as traffic signs.

The sheer number of signs in many programs makes the efficient tracking of sign location and the accurate assessment and management of individual sign condition difficult.

For example, medium sized to large city agencies are typically responsible for tens of thousands of traffic control and informational signs. With so many signs in use, it’s not unusual to find that they are so densely placed that GIS systems struggle to accurately display their exact location.

Larger state and county agencies also have to manage tens, or hundreds, of thousands of signs but their inventories are typically spread out across large geographic areas. Larger geographies help resolve sign density location issues but introduce new issues like the need for both online and offline communication with field devices due to the varied quality of cell network coverage in remote areas.

The inventorying of sign location and concurrent condition assessment can be such a time consuming and expensive process that, once that process has been accomplished, access to advanced software that supports secure data collection and centralization, quick access to sign data, sign data analysis, reporting and precise GIS location display is a necessity, not a luxury.

Agencies need to be able to provide the means for work crews to access sign location or inventory information so they can find signs and record their work when a stop sign gets knocked down in the middle of the night or if signs are damaged after a storm or to manage the installation of new signs as part of a routine replacement process.


Sign Manager: Comprehensive Sign Management Software

AgileAssets Sign Manager™ is designed to support the efficient and effective management of almost any sign program. With Sign Manager, agencies can seamlessly store sign inventory data, analyze that data, define preventive maintenance or replacement plans, issue work orders, track labor, equipment and materials and produce reports.

Sign Manager supports both GIS and LRS search and visualization, and the responsive, browser-based UI facilitates access from a variety of devices including tablets and smartphones. The application can also be configured for full offline access for use in remote areas with limited cell network coverage.

Sign Manager’s ability to track labor, equipment and materials means that agencies can better understand the cost of making and installing their own signs versus signs purchased from vendors. And since Sign Manager can accommodate an unlimited sign inventory, it can easily scale to meet the needs of fast growing agency sign programs.

Agencies invest millions of dollars on their sign programs each year to ensure not only public safety but also to help facilitate local commerce. The right sign management software can maximize the return-on-investment for these critical programs. For additional information on how Sign Manager can help your agency, please visit the Sign Manager product page.


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