AgileAssets will participate in the international ROSE Workshop 2017 in Copenhagen, Denmark, November 23-24, 2017. ROSE is an acronym for Roads Saving Energy – where pavement management software plays an important part.

Infrastructure experts are gathering in Copenhagen to stop and smell the ROSEs. The international ROSE Workshop 2017 brings together Danish Road Directorate officials with leaders from the public sector, private enterprise, and academia to explore energy-saving road transportation. The workshop promises to offer a glimpse into the future of green road infrastructure—and AgileAssets plan to be among those helping to shape it.

EMEA pavement management

Launched in 2016 with the support of the Danish Ministry of Science, the “Roads Saving Energy” (ROSE) project aims to reduce carbon emissions from road traffic. This joint European effort will deliver a scientific framework for a 20% reduction in rolling resistance, which will in turn contribute to a reduction in fuel consumption. If successful, ROSE will help lower Denmark’s energy use by 1.5%.

ROSE’s innovation partners, bringing expertise in research, infrastructure engineering, equipment manufacturing, and related fields, include the Danish Road Directorate, France’s IFSTTAR (institute of science and technology for transport, development, and networks), the universities RUC and DTU, and private companies AfterMath, Continental AG, Greenwood Engineering A/S, NCC Roads A/S, and Total Denmark A/S.

On the asset management level, ROSE and similar projects championed by the Danish Road Directorate will investigate how to fit CO2 emission reduction into maintenance and operation strategies while securing the safety, durability, and reliability of road infrastructure. So far, these projects have resulted in the design of new models, the introduction of new measuring methods, and the development of an asset lifecycle analysis framework.

In the near future, decision makers in the European road administrations might look to include CO2-reducing elements in their already complex package of asset management requirements and key performance indicators. And pavements with low rolling resistance will be in high demand due to their ecological advantages, including their noise-reducing effects.

These transformations in road design will impact asphalt producers and construction suppliers as well as asset management system providers. For example, AgileAssets will be developing new asset management software capabilities to encompass the new models and perform a full lifecycle cost analysis that compares societal benefits (clean air, less noise) to the long-term costs of producing, operating, and maintaining the new pavement types.

At the ROSE workshop, experts from Denmark, Belgium, the UK, and France will present the latest developments, and we look forward to participating in a lively dialogue about how infrastructure asset management systems and pavement management software can support the transportation industry’s energy-saving efforts.

Note: ROSE is a sister project to MIRIAM, which addresses Models for Rolling Resistance in Road Infrastructure Asset Management Systems, and COOEE, which focuses on CO2 Energy Efficiency. Other related projects have included MIRAVEC, ROSANNE, and InnoEnergi—most with a high level of involvement from the Danish Road Directorate.

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