AgileAssets continues to grow User Experience (UX) and User-Centered Design in our organization. We’re looking for help from you, our customers, to make that effort a success and to further expand on our ability to provide exceptional customer service.

User-centered design is an approach to creating products and services that involves users in defining, evaluating, and refining ideas. This concept is captured by the iterative process: Think > Make > Check – repeat…

Our teams first think about the problems to solve. This involves speaking with and visiting customers to understand how they currently do their jobs, with a focus on identifying pain points and opportunities for improvement. Based on what’s learned, teams make rapid prototypes of possible solutions. They then check what they made by putting it in front of users to evaluate. The information gathered feeds into the next iteration of the Think > Make > Check cycle. This process allows a team to continuously learn as they create, while the product evolves and improves with regular user feedback.

This is where we need your help.

Since User-Centered Design requires regular input from users, we’re always looking for customers interested in giving us feedback from time to time. Typical review sessions are 15 to 30 minute online meetings, during which you test drive a new product or feature concept, and share your impressions of it.

To influence the future of AgileAssets products, contact us at Include your name, job title, the organization you work for, and brief details about how you currently use AgileAssets.

Your input is essential to improving the user experience of our applications. Take a moment to connect with us, and you’ll be shaping the next generation of AgileAssets products.

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