Dr. Ronald Hudson, Senior Consultant to AgileAssets, traveled to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to attend the 56th annual meeting of the Brazil Asphalt Pavement Association (ABPv) on November 11, 2015.  In the meeting he presented a short paper in memoriam, honoring the 50 years of leadership to ABPv by Mario Kabalem Restom, the Founding Executive Director of the Association.

Dr. Hudson attended his first ABPv meeting in 1975 when he lived in Brazil for a year directing a $15 million project for the World Bank and the United Nations Development Program to study vehicle operating costs, low volume road pavement design, and fuel consumption on six types of vehicles ranging from a VW Beetle to 100-ton 18-wheeler combo.  Dr. Hudson traveled to Brazil four to five times annually for 10 years to complete this project and thus often attended ABPv meetings.  Dr. Hudson and Sr. Kabalem became fast friends and Dr. Hudson thus conducted many short courses, seminars, and lectures for ABPv and the Brazil National Highway Association over the past 40 years.  He has also keynoted five ABPv annual conferences during this time.

At the meeting the current Association leadership presented an engraved plaque to Dr. Hudson in recognition of his many contributions to the Association and his cooperation with them in sharing Brazilian pavement technology with the United States and the international technical community.  Needless-to-say Dr. Hudson and AgileAssets are very pleased with this continued recognition.

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