Machavarapu’s Early Career Choice Pays Off


The InterCon award highlights Machavarapu’s innovation and leadership.

Growing up, Sai Machavarapu had only three acceptable career paths. Raised in India, his choices were limited to a government worker, doctor, or engineer. Fast-forward twenty-some years:  Machavarapu is now the Vice President of Engineering at AgileAssets and an award-winning engineer honored for his impact in the tech space. He recently took home a Top Technology Visionary Award presented at Intercon, a global internet technology conference that brings together key decision-makers, thought leaders, and influencers who are driving some of today’s most disruptive innovations.

In his typical modest manner, Machavarapu said winning the honor was “good.” He added, “It was nice to be among people that are making important impacts in the tech industry.”

These days, he leads a team of AgileAssets software developers, data scientists, and transportation engineers to create asset lifecycle management solutions that are making a difference for state, local, and national road agencies.

“We meet with transportation leaders from around the world to learn about their most pressing needs,” says Machavarapu. “Then we develop enterprise solutions that combine artificial intelligence, business analytics, IT, and civil engineering to help agencies get optimum value and performance from their infrastructure assets,” he says.

Turns out, he made a great career choice.

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