AgileAssets officially rolled out AgileAssets® Summit™ at the International Users Conference late last year.  This new system enables Department of Transportation executives and authorized stakeholders, such as legislators and funding agencies, to easily view analysis data without having to understand the complexities of the transportation asset management system and all its analytical details and operating methods.

Visual Data Analysis of Enterprise Asset Management System

Modern asset management brings together millions of data points from up to 10 individual management systems: pavements, bridges, maintenance, etc.; with Summit, managers can visually explore and analyze these datasets.

Features and Benefits

Summit provides advanced visualization, that is, the ability to visually explore and analyze data and data summaries with easy to understand infographics.  These include multiple views including 1) map view, 2) graphical views, and 3) tabular views.

It also provides the ability for ad hoc interaction and analysis.  You can choose to see a global view or drill down to identify hidden trends and patterns.  It can find connections between various datasets, test conclusions and get insights on answers to questions revealed in the aforementioned actions.  Executives can look at summary results provided by their staff but can also do additional studies if they want or need more detailed information.

Easily Prepared Required Reports

Many funding agencies, particularly the Federal Highway Administration, require a myriad of reports from state transportation agencies, for example, Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS) data reported on an annual basis to summarize and send to Congress.  The great thing about Summit is that it can assist the agency in pulling together such reports on a regular basis without a lot of ad hoc effort.  It can also allow the agency CEO to examine the data and be sure s/he is happy with the results before it actually goes to FHWA.

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