AgileAssets has rolled out Version 7.2 of our transportation asset management software as announced in a previous blog post. One of the major improvements, introduced in the new version is the addition of ArcGIS Enterprise as a functioning asset management tool.

transportation asset management software

ArcGIS Additions in Transportation Asset Management SoftwareArcGIS Enterprise is a powerful application available from ESRI which encompasses a series of tools and services that add value to the management of assets by making it easier to visualize, spatially locate and analyze assets.

The current implementation provides several benefits to users, including:

  • Authorized the user to publish from their AgileAssets asset inventory or conditions data, which makes these services available for consumption by other departments within an agency or externally by stakeholders of an Agency
  • Users can now edit the location of features/assets directly on a map, making it easier to maintain an accurate inventory
  • Allows users to edit the attributes of features/assets directly on a map
  • Enables the collection of new inventory items/features or inspections of existing features, utilizing either the ESRI Collector or Survey 123 mobile app

The ability to edit features on maps involving more than one department enhances the Agencies ability to ensure that databases are accurate and up to date. This is particularly important in areas like Safety management, where it is hard to precisely locate information from diverse sources such as police, EMS, hospitals etc. These disparate sources of information can be better collated by empowering those different departments to collect the information needed for the safety system using a mobile app (e.g Survey 123) utilizing and updating the same feature service published for the safety data set.

The embedded ArcGIS Enterprise in the AgileAssets asset management system presents many more opportunities for additional enhancements that will benefit customers and users of the AgileAssets system. Stay tuned as AgileAssets continues to provide our clients with a comprehensive Asset Management System.

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