How Asset Management Software Solutions can help Infrastructure Operators in Europe, the Middle East and Africa reach their strategic goals.

Featuring on the International Road Federation webpage, a new Editorial Opinion from AgileAssets contemplates how Asset Management Software can help Infrastructure Managers bridge the gap between societal and political goals on the one hand and engineering rules and economic restraints on the other hand.

The article introduces some facts and numbers about EMEA and shows how infrastructure is vital to the commerce and welfare of the area. It also shows how important asset management software is as a component in the quest to receive a return on investments, both in wealthy and developing countries or regions.

One of the main points of the article is that asset management software is the most steady and significant driver in the development of infrastructure management, together with political and corporate pushes for the build-out of transport corridors and hubs for workforce mobility.

Using AgileAssets software and the US developments in infrastructure asset management as examples, the article describes how enterprise asset management solutions can handle the complex challenges of modern asset management in EMEA, and it shows how the implementation of state-of-the-art systems will support better mobility, safety, and economy.

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