Agencies Showcase Their Asset Management Achievements

What does excellence look like? These days, transportation agencies are demonstrating excellence by combining innovation and initiative.

Take, for example, Oklahoma DOT’s maintenance operations team, who developed a comprehensive set of in-house engagement activities to boost team performance and get more value from their AgileAssets maintenance management solution (MMS).

Oklahoma DOT’s Maintenance Operations team celebrated their 1st Place AXIAM Award in 2018.

Or consider how the Idaho Transportation Department manages annually to reduce labor hours by 7,500 and save $600,000 in materials costs using the AgileAssets MMS to improve winter maintenance fieldwork.

Or imagine what Texas DOT’s pavement management team can accomplish with the extra $20 million a year they are estimated to save by optimizing their maintenance and rehabilitation projects using the AgileAssets pavement management solution.

These are just a few examples of agency achievements that have earned recognition by industry peers as part of the AgileAssets Excellence in Infrastructure Management (AXIAM) Awards.

AXIAM Highlights

The AXIAM Awards recognize organizations that use AgileAssets solutions in effective or innovative ways. AgileAssets Xchange 2019 is the perfect opportunity to showcase your agency’s asset management initiatives and inspire industry peers, who will vote for the winners.

Winning Formula?

It’s pretty simple. Has your agency implemented a project using AgileAssets software? Maybe you were able to improve internal business processes or save costs. Maybe you improved asset performance or got more value from your budget. Simply share your story by submitting an online AXIAM Award nomination.

All AXIAM Award 2018 nominees receive recognition for project successes.
Award Benefits

At AgileAssets Xchange 2019, the award-winning agency will receive a custom-designed AXIAM award for display at their office. The organization will also benefit from industry recognition via public communications, including a press release distributed to relevant news outlets worldwide and a case study published on the AgileAssets website and promoted through various platforms. The winning agency will also get one complimentary registration to Xchange 2021.

Nominate Your Team

You can submit nominations for up to three initiatives. Simply fill out the short online form for each nominated project. The submission deadline is September 13, 2019.

For examples of successful projects by past AXIAM Award winners and nominees, view a selection of AgileAssets customer case studies.

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