Here is some helpful information and knowledge about Bridge Asset Management through seven features, ranging from MAP 21 issues to case studies, webinars, and product brochures, providing insight, methods, and cases to help you raise your Bridge Asset Management to the next level.

Bridge Asset Management

Featured Content

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  • An introduction to AgileAssets® Structures Analyst™. View Brochure
  • An introduction to AgileAssets® Structures Inspector™. View Brochure
  • A webinar about Modern Bridge Management Systems. Register Now
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  • Bridge Management in the light of Corridor Analysis  – another White Paper. Download Now

Why you should pay attention

Mobility, economy, safety and many other topics are relevant to bridge management, besides the core tasks of inspection, analysis, maintenance and operations.

Bridges are part of the larger network. They link important transportation lines together and carry goods and people from A to B. That’s why they ideally should never close due to maintenance, but always stay open for business. That’s where Bridge Asset Management comes in, to carefully plan and execute maintenance and operations with a minimum disturbance to traffic.

Bridges are expensive to build and expensive to maintain. They represent large investments and are crucial to keep wheels spinning and business open. That’s why Bridge Asset Management is important to secure a good return on investments by timely and carefully selected intervention projects.

Bridges are valuable but also very vulnerable assets that have to be meet tough standards in order to function well. Close monitoring and measuring of deterioration, wear and tear, is important to keep the bridges in safe and reliable condition. That’s why Bridge Asset Managers need the best data processing tools to guide maintenance and operations.

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