In this third collection of session recordings from our 2016 International Users Conference, you will find excellent examples of data management in infrastructure asset management from 4 of our client DOTs; Delaware, New Mexico, Idaho and New York State.

Data Management in Infrastructure Asset Management

AgileAssets Presents Client Experiences, Best Practices, and Case Studies

We hope these videos will inspire you to achieve the best possible return on investment in your asset management programs, and help you gain more insights into the many benefits of using AgileAssets infrastructure asset management software.

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Transitioning from manual to automated data collection

Mr. Aaron Gerber, P.E., Director of Infrastructure Asset Management, Kercher Engineering Inc. (now The Kercher Group, Inc.will discuss three case studies with a focus on transitioning from manual to automated data collection and how it affects decision-making.

Many state DOT’s have been transitioning from manual to automated data collection practices in recent years. While the data collection technology continues to improve, there are still many challenges awaiting pavement managers once the data reaches the Pavement Management System. This presentation will discuss three case studies: Delaware, New Mexico, and Idaho, for converting from manual to automated data collection processes which required reconfiguration of decision-making framework within the AgileAssets Pavement Analyst. Highlights will include processes followed for data vendor calibration, calibration of the engineering decision-making framework, and future considerations for sustainability of the process.

Implementing a compact framework system

Mr. Amir Ahrari, Ph.D., Consultant, AgileAssets Inc. talks about how New York State DOT has implemented a compact framework system which is cost-efficient to mass replicate for a large number of less complex asset types.

AgileAssets typical clients manage a wide variety of asset types ranging from pavement sections, large bridges, and retaining structures to signs, signals, guardrails, etc. Additionally, the size of the operation and therefore the quantities of assets managed varies significantly among clients (Ranging from a county size operation to an entire state operation). Therefore, replicating the same extensive asset management framework, which is designed for managing more complex assets (i.e. bridges) and larger operations (State operation) for all asset types and all organization sizes is not the optimum choice from a cost and functionality standpoint. This especially becomes more evident in dealing with less complex and less sensitive assets.

To bridge this gap, AgileAssets has developed a new compact asset management framework. This framework while compact, provides all required functionalities, is flexible and extendable if/when needed, is easy and intuitive to use and finally is cost efficient to mass replicate for a large number of less complex asset types and/or for clients with different organizational sizes. In this session, the framework customized for NYSDOT (New York State Department of Transportation) for managing retaining structures (i.e. retaining walls, gabions, etc.) will be showcased.

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