AgileAssets Presents Client Experiences, Best Practices, and Case Studies

In this seventh collection of session recordings from our 2016 International Users Conference, you will learn how the combination of AgileAssets and Esri software adds value to your agencies efforts to collect, manage, optimize and maximize transportation assets. Get insight, tips and tricks from the experts!


The first video contains a presentation by Gary Waters, National Account Executive and Tom Brenneman, Transportation Practice Solution Engineer, both from Esri.

Using cases and live-demonstration, Gary and Tom show how integrating current data in the AgileAssets system with Esri Roads & Highways can provide infrastructure managers with a full overview of all information in the asset management lifecycle; from planning and design to upgrading, operations and maintenance to monitoring.


The second video provides an overview of the LRS Interface between AgileAssets and Esri’s Roads and Highways, presented by Phil Hardy, AgileAssets Product Manager.

Based on a number of client cases, Phil provides a useful collection of “lessons learned” around event history, interface use and quality control. He also answers questions from the floor.

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