Asset maintenance is now easier with the new AgileAssets® Work Manager™ mobile application. Work Manager is a companion product to the AgileAssets® Maintenance Manager™. This mobile upgrade to your maintenance management system empowers field crews with up-to-date work order information on their portable devices including iOS, Android and Windows tablets and smartphones. Work Manager functions offline, which makes it ideal for field use, where internet connections are slow or not available. Back at the office, or anytime you have a connection, you can quickly sync to the main system; saving the work you’ve done and downloading any new work orders.

 Field Maintenance Management System with New Work Manager™ Mobile AppYou can access work orders from your Open Work Order List or tap locations on your map.  If the work order involves several small locations, such as Sign repair, you can tap specific locations to get more work order details. The system also allows you to handle labor, materials, equipment, etc. as required, in the field. You can filter your work orders based on a keyword – such as Signs – and show only those open work orders.  If the work order involves a longer route, you can point and isolate a portion of the route for “today’s work” and then continue “tomorrow” or next week as needed if the whole job cannot be completed in one day.  You can also fill out Work Day Cards. There is a lot of flexibility for maintenance foremen.

Another great feature is the ability to add new work orders in the field. If the need for other maintenance is observed, or if conditions have deteriorated since the item was first entered, you can immediately create a work order, no need to wait until you are back at the office. This saves you from all those pesky handwritten notes or trying to phone in a new location.

While the team is very proud of this new Work Manager mobile app, they are not resting on their laurels. Future improvements are planned including the ability to add photos such as “before photos” of the damage and “after photos” of the repaired asset.

NOTE: AgileAssets® Work Manager™ requires v7.2 of the AgileAssets® Maintenance Manager™.

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