In this ninth – and last – collection of session recordings from our 2016 International Users Conference, you will get insight, tips, and tricks from the experts!

We have selected three recorded sessions about asset inspections with AgileAssets software.

In the first video, Tyler Pauley, Consultant, AgileAssets, presents Tunnels and M&E Inspections, based on a Case Study of the Connect Plus Implementation in the United Kingdom. The video provides a unique insight into the process being used at Connect Plus M25 to perform and manage structural inspections on their tunnel and M&E (mechanical and engineering) assets. Connect Plus is a Public Private Partnership that has a 30-year Design, Build, Finance, and Operate contract with Highways England, the governing body for roads and highways in England. Managing 15% of total traffic in England on a network that includes 5 tunnels and over 14,000 M&E assets, Connect Plus utilizes AgileAssets® Bridge Inspector module to perform inspections and maintain an inventory of these assets.


In the second video, Mohammed Sayyar, Ph.D, P.E., PMP, Senior Consultant, AgileAssets, and Steve Wilcox, P.E. Director, Maintenance Program Planning Bureau New York State DOT present how NYSDOT Structure/Bridge Management System handles multiple asset types including Bridges, Overhead Sign Structures, Retaining Walls, Noise Barriers, and Small Culverts with different workflows and levels of complexity. Steve Wilcox explains how NYSDOT wanted to have access to all data through maps and how that is being accomplished through LRS and Esri Roads & Highways. He also tells about the field data collection solution they have chosen.


The third and last video is featuring Eric Keefe, P.E., PMP, Senior Consultant, AgileAssets. As part of the Signal and Lighting asset management on the road network, one of the primary focus points for these assets is the safety of consumers operating on the network. Through climate changes, motorist accidents, and time, the structures that support signal assemblies and light poles will deteriorate. With a proper inspection process, the managing agency can identify deficiencies in these essential assets through defect surveys. A properly configured inspection can target the key areas of the assets that need to be addressed, such as the foundation, anchor rods, and structural integrity of the poles. When an inspection identifies a deficient asset, the system can be configured to trigger preventive maintenance needs to recondition or replace the deficient asset.


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