Newer reporting brings improved security and stability, plus rich data visualizations.

High-profile corporate data breaches have made clear that even the most robust enterprise systems can be susceptible to security risks. As a system ages, small vulnerabilities can add up to a much larger threat. That’s why, as AgileAssets COO, I want to be very transparent about risks our customers face, as our teams work vigilantly and proactively to prevent them.

Maintenance Manager™ Tabular Report
The new reports support agency-specific hierarchies and drilldowns.

JasperReports® Supports Cloud-Based and On-Prem Deployments  

To mitigate security risks in asset management reporting, AgileAssets will phase out iReports—a longtime, foundational capability of our integrated enterprise platform—in favor of the more powerful functionality of JasperReports® Server. This change will take place in spring 2021 and will affect all AgileAssets solutions from Version 7.6 forward.

In contrast to JasperReports, iReports and its components consist of much older software, so it carries more risk. Over time, little “chinks in the armor” have accrued, which could eventually create entry points for unauthorized access to other systems and much more sensitive data.

For AgileAssets clients with either a cloud-based or an on-premise deployment, it’s time to get ready to sunset the old reporting system and bring users onto a newer, more stable option.

Not only will the migration to JasperReports bring greater peace of mind regarding security threats, but it will also give agencies a strong foundation on which to generate better, more engaging reports and data visualizations.

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Use a wide range of chart types to make your business case.

A Smooth Migration With Little or No Downtime

While newer AgileAssets customers are already benefiting from the switch to JasperReports, longer-term customers will experience a relatively quick and efficient migration.

To reduce downtime, AgileAssets has built a number of tools to facilitate a smooth, speedy upgrade process so your agency can transition to the new reporting functionality without any additional fees or changes in your service agreement.

For AgileAssets SaaS customers, migration to the new reporting foundation will take place in the same 8- or 16-week cadence as any other upgrade. On-premise customers will see the change when upgrading to AgileAssets Version 7.6 or newer.

AgileAssets support for legacy iReports (in v7.6 and beyond) will end on April 22, 2021.

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Build customized dashboards to make it easy to understand high-level data.

Time to Evaluate Report Quality and Relevance

AgileAssets reports represent a lot of agencies’ hard work. That’s why we’re giving our customers plenty of advance notice prior to the migration. For more personalized information and assistance, customers can connect with their Client Success Managers (CSMs), who can provide guidance and hands-on support.

For example, a CSM can help your agency evaluate which reports to consolidate, keep, or eliminate. The CSM can also streamline some reports, as needed, securely migrate them, or safely get rid of those that aren’t being used. As your agency prepares for the migration, it’s a prime time to assess the quality and relevance of your current reports and see how you might improve them.

Some agencies may wish to support different hierarchies and drilldowns, or combine multiple customized reports. AgileAssets will help clients make sure they have everything they need in the new reporting environment.

Learn More About Asset Management Reporting

To learn ways to improve decision-making through better data reporting, view our webinar, Supercharge Your Reporting with Visualizations.

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A longtime software industry executive and transformational leader, Michael Lester is Chief Operating Officer at AgileAssets, where he oversees all the areas of the company that involve customers and software products. Before joining AgileAssets in 2014, he held leadership roles at various global firms, including IBM, CA Technologies, and Franklin Covey.


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