October 19-20th, James Robertson and Mikkel Bruun, AgileAssets, will be at the European Road Profilers User Group, ERPUG, meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark. Around 20, primarily European countries, will be represented by national road agencies, private companies, research entities and suppliers to the transportation asset management industry.

Europe and transportation asset management industry

James Robertson, Business Development Director, EMEA

Now in it’s fifth year, the ERPUG, founded by Swedish VTI – a technology and research company – and Ramböll – a large consultancy company – is an interesting mix of technical wizards, high level decision makers and pavement engineers. The agenda contains practical examples from data collection with 3D equipment as well as a focus on measuring pavement conditions with the Traffic Speed Deflectometer, TSD.

The overall aim of ERPUG is to bring together data providers, road owners and researchers to discuss and exchange news on surface characteristics of roads. During the two-day meeting, networking between all stakeholders to pavement management will increase understanding of current needs and developments in the field and further the innovation and implementation of new technology.

It is very important to AgileAssets to understand this symbiosis, because the more we know about which strategic aims the Road Authorities and other asset managers have, and the more we learn about the abilities of data collectors to supply the vital information about asset conditions, the better we can adjust our many-facetted portfolio of software solutions to fit the market.

Mikkel Bruun, Global Communication Manager, AgileAssets

In Europe there has always been a strong emphasis on road safety, with the Swedish Vision Zero as the primary example, and that is why we are working towards introducing our safety management system to more EMEA clients. We hope to be able to talk to the right people about this issue in Copenhagen, as well as how we can help road managers translate the ever more complex road data into day-to-day decisions and long-term planning.

At the conference, Mr. James Robertson, Business Development Director, EMEA, and Mr. Mikkel Bruun, will therefore be happy to share how AgileAssets on a global scale, is securing safe and cost efficient asset management for our clients in the transportation industry, including more than half of the Departments of Transportation in the United States. We have the tools to put road data into work to the benefit of tax payers and road users, and we look forward to learning more at the conference so we can become even better at this.

At the 2014 ERPUG in Brussels, we gave a presentation about cross-asset management, decision support and trade-off analysis.

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