Whether working or volunteering, the common good takes top priority for this outspoken engineer.

Meet Jennifer Brandenburg, a unique combination of career engineer and successful businessperson—and now AgileAssets Account Executive for the Southeastern U.S. region. In this role, she helps agencies identify and implement solutions to complex challenges.

Brandenburg has built an impressive career in the transportation industry—including 30 years in leadership roles at North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT). Leveraging her engineering and management experiences, she moved on to the private sector a few years before joining AgileAssets in mid-2020.

Jennifer Brandenburg, P.E., AgileAssets Account Executive
Jennifer Brandenburg, P.E., AgileAssets Account Executive

“When I started my career, not many women were in the transportation industry, and most of my male colleagues were introverts,” says Brandenburg. “As a female engineer and outspoken communicator, I’ve always felt different, but that combination of skills feels natural to me.”

Engineer, Businessperson, and Great Listener

Being an “admitted extrovert” who deftly navigates the business side of agency operations is part of Brandenburg’s easygoing, confident demeanor.

“I think I’m someone who can listen to and fully understand an agency’s needs and then translate that into a strategy that works best for the agency,” she says. “I can also effectively communicate those needs and expectations to AgileAssets teams—so we’re all focused on the same end goal.”

Asset Management as a Civic Responsibility

For Brandenburg, dedicating her time to the transportation business is part of her civic duty.

“My career at NCDOT gave me an awareness of my role as a public servant—that I had a civic responsibility to serve the community effectively,” she says. In turn, that responsibility gave her an appreciation for budgets and getting the best value for every dollar spent.

“I love that I’m now working for a company that makes asset management software to help transportation agencies understand how and where to spend money to best benefit the community,” she says. “I want us to always keep the community impact in mind, whether I’m talking to AgileAssets developers or clients.”

Serving Those Who Serve

Brandenburg’s desire to serve others led her to volunteer as Chair of the Board at Support Military Families. She also teaches Construction Planning and Scheduling to future engineers at East Carolina University, even though she’s a diehard North Carolina State alum.

Brandenburg’s ties to the transportation professional community run deep in the Southeast region. She enjoys the opportunity to share ideas and concerns across states and agencies. She brings that same sense of community to her colleagues at AgileAssets.

“I like the sense of family, of camaraderie, at AgileAssets,” she says. “We’re an established company that feels in some ways like a startup because we’re doing big things. I love that the company has people-centered values based on respect, teamwork, and innovation.”


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