Tech-savvy and customer-focused, this trusted advisor keeps it real.

Matt Boutcher has an impressive work-from-home setup. It’s resort-like, with a bar and firepit in the background and a natural spring and spa just past his right shoulder. He appears comfortable in his environment as he starts yet another videoconference. The atmosphere makes online callers feel as zen as he does.

But the relaxing scene is merely an illusion—one of the most realistic digital backdrops out there. And that’s where the deception stops. Boutcher is as real as they come.

Against a resort-like digital background, Boutcher feels right at home.
Against a resort-like digital background, AgileAssets Account Executive Matt Boutcher feels right at home.
Armed With Insights to Solve Agency Challenges

As AgileAssets Account Executive for the Western region of the U.S., Boutcher is in his element when working with the latest technologies. Over the past two decades, he’s helped hundreds of organizations implement enterprise software solutions. He’s been a sales partner for a global ERP company, served in IT leadership posts for a health care system, and consulted with state and municipal governments regarding enterprise solutions.

Matt Boutcher, AgileAssets Account Executive
Matt Boutcher, AgileAssets Account Executive

Now, since joining AgileAssets in the spring of 2020, he’s focused on helping local and state agencies address strategic challenges using integrated asset management solutions to deliver safer, longer-lasting, more cost-effective transportation networks.

“Public agency engineers need tangible insights beyond just hearing about amazing technology,” he says. “They need to see it, use it, and believe in it.” That’s where Boutcher shines.

Honesty Is Boutcher’s Best Policy

“I see my role at AgileAssets as a trusted advisor to clients,” he says. “It’s essential for me to ask open-ended questions and listen for authentic, honest answers. I want to absorb everything clients tell me because I want them to be successful well past their system implementations.”

Boutcher believes in the synergy between project success and business success. “I’m usually the person on the ground, doing the work, collecting requirements, doing configurations, and meeting with agency leaders,” he explains.

He wants to learn how each public-agency client meets regulatory requirements—and what keeps leaders up at night. “It’s important to identify the agency’s pain points so I can advise leaders effectively and become a solution provider who creates value,” he says.

Building Trust With Facts and Figures

Boutcher’s technical background helps him translate solution requirements into successful outcomes. “I think that’s how I can best serve AgileAssets clients—by knowing how the system implementation will work out for the agency after the go-live,” he says. “In my experience, implementation and customer success are the keys to effective business partnerships.”

For Boutcher, data-driven discussions help foster collaboration based on trust—part of AgileAssets’ core values. “The best way to gain trust that lasts throughout a long-term business relationship is to always have honest, fact-based conversations,” he says. “I want to build authentic partnerships and work with agencies as they grow and evolve over time.”


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