It is a Happy New Year at the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT). January 1 was a holiday but on January 3rd, MnDOT and AgileAssets became fully operational with a key element in the MnDOT Transportation Asset Management System (TAMS).

Minnesota Department of Transportation and Transportation Asset Management System

The project started in earnest July 20, 2015 and the MnDOT TAMS went live on September 8, 2016 and is now fully operational. It is used to manage and maintain the state’s 2,000+ metro lighting system, 3,000 signal systems, and 1,000 Road Weather Information System (RWIS) sites across their road network statewide.

As good as that system is, there was still a need to synchronize MnDOT’s Linear Referencing System (LRS) with their TAMS. This was accomplished when the team successfully placed into production their ESRI Roads and Highways interface with the TAMS, using the AgileAssets® LRS Gateway™ interface connector. Operational data is now exchanged successfully between the two systems via the Gateway and provides a critical synchronizing element between MnDOT LRS system and their Transportation Asset Management System.

The MnDOT team includes Sue Porter, Project Sponsor; Ray Starr, Business Owner; Dave Solsrud, Business Owner; Karen Scott, Project Manager; and Jody Braaten, Business Analyst. The AgileAssets staff involves a dozen people under the leadership of Brian George, Project Manager and Abhishek Bhargava, Solution Architect. AgileAssets is continuing to assist MnDOT in operating, strengthening, and broadening their Transportation Asset Management System.

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