In July of 2015, Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) began a new era in enterprise asset management when it initiated a project with AgileAssets to add Signals/ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems), Maintenance Management Systems, and FDC (Field Data Collector) to its existing pavement management tools to develop a broader asset management approach.

Minnesota enterprise asset management

The MnDOT Project Sponsor is Sue Porter supported by Ray Starr, David Solsrud, Karen Scott, and Jody Braaten. The AgileAssets team is headed by Project Manager, Brian George and is supported by Abhishek Bhargava, Eric Keefe, Nyekan Cummings, Sam Madiri, Johan Terblans, and Lyn Faulk.

Minnesota DOT The project launched on September 8th, going live with Signals & ITS and FDC, which will be used by approximately 125 MnDOT employees to manage over 110,000 signals and ITS assets across the state. To complete the first phase of the TAMS (Transportation Asset Management System) implementation, the new maintenance management system will begin implementation in late 2016 along with the Field Data Collector, to handle network-wide assets, inventory, and business processes.

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