AgileAssets kicked off the year with a strong showing at the Transportation Research Board (TRB) 97th Annual Meeting, held January 7-11 in Washington, DC. A delegation of 13 AgileAssets executives, consultants, and product experts participated in numerous TRB committees, gave presentations, and welcomed visitors to the AgileAssets exhibition booth—a popular venue for software demos and professional networking.

Dr. Shafiul Azam, Senior Consultant, AgileAssets

The conference agenda featured three presentations based on research conducted by AgileAssets engineering experts in collaboration with transportation leaders from city and state agencies.

AgileAssets consultant Keivan Neshvadian, PE, PhD, presented the talk, Integrated Smart Project Grouping Model for City Level Pavement Management: A Practical Strategy—a City of Austin case study illustrating how cities and counties can save money and reduce traffic disruptions by using predictive analytics to optimize and consolidate pavement projects. The presentation was co-authored by fellow AgileAssets consultant Uday Manepalli, PE, PMP.

Among the poster presentations, AgileAssets Senior Consultant Shafiul Azam, PE, PhD, spoke on Identifying Targeting Programs for Distracted Driving in Montana Using Analytics and Data Visualization. This case study—co-authored with Patricia Burke, PE, from the Montana Department of Transportation, and Uday Manepalli—used rich data displays to show how crash analysis can help agencies identify appropriate risk-mitigation measures. In the exhibition hall, the AgileAssets booth drew a large number of visitors, who had the opportunity to speak with AgileAssets executives about how asset management analytics can improve decision making and the return on infrastructure investments.

As the world’s largest gathering of transportation professionals, this year’s TRB conference attracted about 13,000 participants from around the globe. Attendees included transportation leaders from government, industry, and academia.


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