You probably work in pavement management or some form of asset management or you wouldn’t be looking at this blog.  You may have gotten into pavement management in any number of ways but you probably only know part of the pavement management story.  If you are at the point in your pavement management career when you would like to know more about that subject, you will be interested in the new book, Pavement Asset Management, by Ralph Haas and Ronald Hudson.  We reported last February that such a book was in progress.  This is the first new book on the subject in 20 years and it covers the birth and background of pavement management and why it got started, and projects the future expectations for pavement management in a changing world.  Drs. Haas and Hudson have written previous books about pavement management but it has been 20 years since a comprehensive compendium of pavement management information was made available to you.  The book also talks about the interface between pavement management, maintenance management, and other asset management modules.  It also describes in detail how pavement management interfaces with the new Mechanistic Empirical Pavement Design Guide (MEPDG).

The book includes several comparisons of competitive pavement management software systems which have been done in the past five years by various authors around the world and it presents the details of software systems developed by Stantec, Deighton, and AgileAssets among many others.  Finally, something that may interest you, the book outlines the steps which are essential today to procure the best possible pavement management system for your needs within your budget at the national, state, county, city, and local level.  The book can be obtained from the Wiley Publishing Company and from Amazon.  Or feel free to contact Dr. Hudson at AgileAssets:

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