New Mexico Maintenance ManageOn July 6, 2016, New Mexico DOT went live with a new enhanced Maintenance Management System (MMS) based on AgileAssets® Maintenance Manager™ (MMS).  As part of the go-live, the MMS module was merged with their existing Pavement Management System (PMS), which was implemented in 2013 by AgileAssets based on the AgileAssets® Pavement Analyst™ module.

New Mexico DOT’s MMS module will be used by 500+ active users and track over 860k assets across 11 asset types.

Maintenance data will be recorded to four main asset types: roads, bridges, rest areas, and intersections. The system also supports the reporting of in-house and contracted maintenance work on the qualifying HHS Functional Class and Locale designations and will be used for FHWA Federal reporting. The go-live incorporated new methodologies and  included configurations for other enhancements, data imports, and automated data collection related reconfiguration of the PMS.

The NMDOT team included Tamara Haas, Project Sponsor, Jo Girard, Project Manager, and Phillip Montoya, the Business Owner.  The AgileAssets team was led by Tim Walton and Derek Edward.

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