In January 2012, New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) contracted with AgileAssets Inc. to implement the AgileAssets® Bridge Inspector™ software system. NYSDOT recognized the need to update both software functionality and the databases into a single enterprise Bridge Data Information System (BDIS)—and deploying up-to-date technology that will meet bridge inventory and inspection demands today, and to grow/evolve with NYSDOT as business requirements, data and policies change in the future. In addition, they also wanted a platform that could support all future asset classes comprising the NYSDOT Enterprise Asset Management Program.

After a competitive review, NYSDOT chose AgileAssets Bridge Inspector because of its detailed capabilities and also because AgileAssets provides an integrated suite of asset management software modules which enables consistent management and analysis of virtually any transportation asset including Maintenance Manager™, Pavement Analyst™, Safety Analyst™, Trade-Off Analyst™, Bridge Analyst™, Fleet Manager™, among others.

While the severe winter weather in New York the past year has hampered efforts, the team delivered on schedule. We are happy to report that Bridge Inspector went “live” on January 30, 2015 with the completion of initial training of the almost 600 users of the system. Up to 2000 additional read-only users will also be involved. The system integrates with Oracle, Web-Centered Content (WCC) for unstructured contents such as images and scanned reports. Implementation of AASHTO elements for ratings has initially begun with a follow-on task to fully implement all these elements.

Based on their initial experience with this first module, NYSDOT has already funded a project to implement Pavement Management, Bridge Management, and Asset Trade-Off Analysis modules. Planning is also already underway for additional modules including Maintenance Management and Safety Analyst. The decision to license additional modules under the initial solicitation, review and contract has saved NYSDOT a great deal of time, effort, and money in the contracting process and makes it possible for them to move ahead with their broader asset management goals with minimum administrative delays.

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