The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC) recently launched AgileAssets Sign Manager to improve the asset management of more than 30,000 signs on more than 600 centerline miles of highway.

The new system will help PTC improve safety and traffic flow on turnpikes and toll roads by ensuring that the latest and best information is always available on the large inventory of signs. With the new system, PTC can collect all sign imagery, plus capture and store more than 50 attributes for each sign.

In addition to managing sign inventory and creating work requests, PTC uses the AgileAssets system to interface with a third-party work order processing system to turn work requests into actual work orders. When a work order is completed, the interface updates relevant attributes and sign imagery in the AgileAssets system. PTC also uses Sign Manager to add or retire signs from the system, so that the data on those 30,000+ signs is always current for better decision making.

The PTC resource team includes Key Stakeholder Eric Halen supported by team members Bob Hibbert, IT Project Manager, and Brad Wastler, Project Manager for the Project Management Office.

The strong AgileAssets team, headed by Project Manager Don Frost, included Uday Manepalli and Dr. Shafiul Azam, Functional Analysts; Johan Terblans, Interface Developer; Nyekan Cummings, Trainer; and Lyn Faulk, Systems Developer.

Partners in the project included Howard Reeve, SAP Consultant; Continental Mapping Consultants, who took 360° pictures of more than 600 centerline miles of highways, then provided the sign imagery and LiDar location data to Floating Point Consultants, who then identified, extracted, and delivered records of sign assets along with attributes and associated imagery; and DBI Construction Consultants, who provided retro-reflectivity measurements and specific sign imagery.

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