It has been half a year since I joined AgileAssets to improve their Product Management processes, but what really drew me to AgileAssets was the opportunity to learn about something I knew nothing – Transportation Asset Management.  I recently visited one customer where I took 41 pages of notes because there is so much to understand about your work and how you use the software – or want to use the software.  I have been fortunate to have met with many of you in person, and if you haven’t yet, you’ll hear from us soon enough at the AgileAssets International Users Conference in April.

One of the highlights was going to a maintenance shed in Idaho and meeting for two hours with the team of users there about their requests and challenges with AgileAssets.  For us it is key to understand the perspective of all of the users, not just those that interact with our support or sales teams.

We listen because it is our job to understand where you are headed and where you are going to want the software to grow and be enhanced.  We learn this by listening and observing to you, to our competitors, to similar markets, and anticipating technology changes and how they can help.

We also listen to where users gets stuck trying to complete a task or even just understanding how to use the software.  At AgileAssets we have a team focused on user experience.  Their focus is on understanding user behavior – how people interact with AgileAssets software, where they pause and wonder how to complete a task, how they expect to see data, and other similar problems.  If we listen and do our jobs well, people will just “know” how to use the software to do their job, but we can’t do it with out you sharing your thoughts.

So, as we head into the New Year I wish all of you the best and look forward to working with you.   If you have something about the product or the roadmap that you would like to discuss, don’t hesitate to ask.

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