Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC) has licensed a new enterprise asset management system for their 600 miles of managed highways and 15,000 signs.

The new system, based on AgileAssets infrastructure asset management solution, is expected to further improve safety, reliability and mobility, as well as optimize the operations and maintenance of the Interstates 76 and 276 that carry a significant amount of the daily traffic in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission new enterprise asset management system


Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission enterprise asset management softwareThe new asset management software system will enable PTC to manage pavement construction history, condition, traffic, and other characteristics and to create pavement repair, rehabilitation,  and reconstruction work plans. In addition, PTC will be able to replace their current paper and spreadsheet-based system with a sophisticated Sign Management System.

“I am pleased to be able to contribute to the strategic and practical goals of Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission,” said Stuart Hudson, AgileAssets Founder, and President. “These goals are in good alignment with our intentions to bring value to our clients and their users by delivering management and analytics software solutions to meet their requirements. I congratulate the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission and their customers with this decision”.

The solutions, now being implemented into the maintenance and operations of PTC, include the AgileAssets® System Foundation™, Signs Manager™, Pavement Analyst™, SAP Interfaces, and LiDAR Data Integration. AgileAssets is working with a 3rd party engineering firm, Maser Consulting, on the Lidar data technology and integration. The new systems are expected to be fully implemented by July 2017.

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