In this fifth collection of session recordings from our 2016 International Users Conference, you will find excellent examples of resource management presented by AgileAssets experts as well as clients, including Illinois DOT and Ohio DOT.

AgileAssets Presents Client Experiences, Best Practices, and Case Studies

The IUC videos showcase the wide spectrum of uses for enterprise asset management software solutions and the value it brings to organizations in terms of better asset management as a result of improved decision-making capabilities.

We hope these videos will inspire you to achieve the best possible return on investment in your asset management programs, and help you gain more insights into the many benefits of using AgileAssets infrastructure asset management software.

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Ownership of assets managed by the DOT/State agencies

In the first session video, you will learn about how ownership of assets managed by the DOT/State agencies puts them in a unique position where they are expected to maximize the returns like an investment fund manager. They also need to maintain them to yield a higher return-on-asset like a company’s CEO/CFO. The session discusses and explores parallels between transportation asset management and business & finance asset management, and talk about how to use some fundamental concepts from finance to do more with a limited budget. The video includes a case study where the audience delivers feedback on a case study about optimizing investments.

Presenters: Charles Pilson, Ph.D., P.E., Senior Product Manager, AgileAssets Inc.; Rob Von Schimmelman, Director of Client Care, AgileAssets Inc.; Himanshu Waikar, PMP Manager, Upgrade Services, AgileAssets Inc.

Controlling fund allocation, transfer, release, and spending

Next, Ms. Robin R. Nadalini of Illinois DOT, along with Dr. Amir Ahrari, AgileAssets, presents their unique software solution that enables users to control the allocation, transfer, release, and spending of funds to and from accounts down to transactions level. As one of its features, this solution has a very flexible design to accommodate complex and organization-specific financial/operational business rules and budget compliance checks.

In the case of IDOT, this flexibility was the key to a successful implementation due to numerous business rules embedded in IDOT’s processes and legacy system which had to be brought over to the new system. Moreover, besides active budget and cost control mechanisms (i.e. checks, hard stops, warnings, etc.), the solution enables users to extract reports on various cross sections of financial and operational data across the agency with extensive drill-down capabilities.

Planning, Engineering and Construction (PEC) Module and the 3rd Party Parts Ordering process

Finally, Mr. Jim Snyder, MBA Administrator, Office of Accounting Ohio DOT introduces two new processes, which have been incorporated into Ohio DOTs AgileAssets solution to improve accuracy and efficiency in operations and federal billing.  The session explores the use of Ohio DOT’s innovative Planning, Engineering and Construction (PEC) Module and the 3rd Party Parts Ordering process, exemplified through a 2 Billion Dollar construction program. At the end of his presentation, Mr. Snyder also presents news on the fleet management of ODOT.

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