In October 2017 the Texas Department of Transportation’s (TxDOT) Pavement Asset Management team, led by Dr. Magdy Mikhail, was presented the Journey Toward Excellence award, given jointly by WASHTO and TxDOT, for their recently implemented Pavement Management System (PMS).

Texas Department of Transportation

The Journey Toward Excellence award recognizes TxDOT employees and teams who demonstrate leadership and commitment to improving TxDOT services, products, and processes and obtaining tangible results.

The TxDOT Pavement Asset Management team demonstrated to the entire TxDOT organization that implementing a new Pavement Management System goes well beyond the simple concept of installing a software application. The long, intensive process included requirements collection, needs assessment, needs validation, system testing, and users training. Different stakeholders were involved throughout the process, such as Maintenance Engineers, District Engineers, District Pavement Engineers, Coordinators for data collection, and business and IT staff responsible for interfaces with other TxDOT Applications such as DCIS, GRID, CRIS, and COMPASS.

The new Pavement Management system, based on the AgileAssets® Pavement Analyst™ software, introduced new business processes and capabilities for TxDOT stakeholders. Among the most relevant, the new system was configured to provide TxDOT Districts with the capability to optimize the selection of maintenance and rehabilitation projects and evaluate different “what-if” scenarios to meet the overall objective of improved conditions based on funding constraints on a 4-year plan.

The system went live in February 2016 with a few pilot Districts in charge of validating the new application and then on September 2016, the application went live for the entire State of Texas.

AgileAssets is honored to have been part of this process and congratulates the TxDOT Pavement Asset Management team including Dr. Magdy Mikhail, Dr. Jenny Li, Dr. Feng Hong, Dr. Joe Kim, Mr. Todd Copenhaver, and Mr. Fred Chandler for their outstanding work and well-deserved recognition.

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