Next week, AgileAssets will be at the WCPAM2017 Conference in Italy, presenting two papers and exhibiting together with more than 300 international professionals from the area of Transportation Asset Management and Pavement Management and Preservation.

WCPAM – or World Conference on Pavements and Asset Management is a joint venture conference between The European Pavement and Asset Management Conference (EPAM) and the International Conference on Managing Pavement Assets (ICMPA). The WCPAM is standing on the shoulders of four previous conferences in in Malmö, Sweden, 2012, Budapest, Hungary, 2000, Berlin, Germany, 2004 and Coimbra, Portugal, 2008.

European Transportation Asset Management and Pavement Management

Two Podium Presentations

AgileAssets had two papers accepted for publication and podium presentations at the WCPAM. Dr. Pascal Laumet, Director of EMEA Operations, will be presenting a paper on Optimizing Maintenance and Rehabilitation through Multi-Year Work Planning.

Pascal will demonstrate how road administrations can solve practical challenges by composing multi-year M&R work plans with the aid of the AgileAssets Pavement Analyst. Results show that budgets can be reduced by by 15-30% to achieve the same transportation infrastructure goals in comparison to the single year model formulation, which is the current industry standard. This translates to millions of EUR saved each year.

The second paper, Optimizing Operation and Management in Public-Private Partnership Projects, will be presented by Mr. Mikkel Bruun, European Communications Manager, who will talk over the subject of how large consortia are taking on more and more responsibility for the European Infrastructure through PPPs and how AgileAssets Software has helped private and public clients achieve accurate common measures and goals for service levels through data-driven operations, maintenance, reporting and strategic planning. The presentation will focus on the so-called hand-back criteria that constitutes success for the private operator and ensures return on investments for the stakeholders.

We hope to meet a lot of our clients and partners from the industry and look forward to showcasing our new version 7.2 and corporate video.


An AgileAssets video about (bridge) analysis and optimization

A white paper about European PPPs

AgileAssets new corporate video

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